$17.99. Casting it over a pool or deep channel in a river during the summer months can be very effective. Hooks, 1/8oz, Size 8. Firetiger - Firetiger color is really best on large rivers and in lakes as it may resemble baitfish that the trout are feeding on. Once the Kastmaster lure hit's the water you can countdown to the required depth. Gold Kastmaster - Probably the best of all the colors you can choose, the gold Kastmaster lures for trout have probably caught more than the rest combined. 1-Ounce 1-1/2 oz. Company. When it comes to color selection always try to start out using the more natural variations. Great for both hard and soft-water fishing! The 3/8 oz size will get more hits than the 1/2 oz size, and anything larger will lessen the number of hits but may attract a monster fish. When fishing on a small river or stream a small silver and blue Kastmaster​ spoon can be just as effective as a small spinner like a rooster tail. These options are geared towards specific tactics, types of predatory fish and specific conditions in which you may be … kastmaster dr tungsten. But not to fast as the faster you fish the lure the shallower it will swim. There really is no need to use ultra-light spinning tackle. The longer more slender Krocodile has a very different swim action than the Little Cleo above. Casting this way will enable you to cover as much water as possible from where you are standing. Click here to see how effective the gold kastmaster was on the He’eia Fishpond kaku. Chrome/Neon Blue - The silver and blue can be great on dull days when the gold is not quite bright enough. The 1/6 and 1/4 oz. Hook is slightly rusty 1 Johnsons Sprite silver spoon 2 1/2” some faint scratches. This article may contain affiliate links. shop kastmaster dr tungsten now. Available in a range of sizes and colors, I tend to stick with the simple colors and the size should match the depth of water you are trying to fish. The Acme® Kastmaster® Spoon works on a special balance ratio that produces wild action without line twist. 7 Acme Kastmaster spoons. falling at a rate double that of its brass counterparts, this spoon maintains the legendary kastmaster vertical action and bright flash that a standard tungsten ice jig simply cannot deliver. The weight of the spoon determines how much the lure moves in the water and also how deep it will sink in the water, which all affects the success of your catch. legendary brands. My favorite colors are: Chrome; ... Spoon. If trolling a Kastmaster from a boat then you will need to use some of the larger sizes to help get the lures down deeper. Be sure to add me to your! Select 1 oz. It is one of those versatile spoons that can be used for all three techniques. Trolling, flutter dropping, etc. The Netcraft Dominator Pro Cast jigging spoons unique shape produces a wild, erratic when cast, jigged, retrieved or trolled. The ACME Kastmaster is a spoon style lure that is effectively used for catching many species of fish. Note: 1 spoon is unmarked. Note: 1 spoon is unmarked. 7 Acme Kastmaster Spoon Set, Chrome or Gold 3 Sizes. Kastmaster's catch fish from pan sized trout and panfish to bragging size salmon and stripers, in both fresh and saltwater. The Kastmaster lure for trout with it's thick body is … Ships to lower 48 states only! 4 silver. 4 silver. Because of its aerodynamic design, it's the master distance caster, and catches fish from pan-sized trout to bragging-size stripers - in fresh and salt water. When it comes to using the kastmaster today I like sticking with the basics – the solid silver and solid gold colors. From top left: 2 Cotton Cordell CC spoons 2 1/4” 2 Cotton Cordell CC spoons 1 1/2” From bottom left: 1 Tony Accetta#7 gold spoon 5/8oz. Beware though like any fishing lure no matter how big a size you go with it there is a natural limit as to how deep a Kastmaster will swim. 1/12 oz. Whether you are fishing a Kastmaster for trout on rivers or lakes it's distinctive wobble can force a strike on those days when everything else fails. I think the flash … 43517-SW225XCH. The key to getting this ripple right if to not let the Kastmaster spoon break the surface tension of the water. Varying the speed of your retrieval can mean the difference to having a trout follow the lure and then turn away uninterested once it gets a look at it and striking the lure violently.​ In clear shallow waters you can see trout turn away quite a lot when following any kind if trout lure. 1/24 oz. It will not break, bend or corrode and it retains its luster even after repeated exposure to salt water. Spoons can catch bass all year long in San Diego, they can and should be in your everyday arsenal. All lures shipped with hook protection. Best Trout Fishing Lures is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. There aren’t an overwhelming number of sizes available, but that’s no issue. This gives the bait a very unique fluttering fall and all new action once jigged. In both fresh and saltwater, this spoon catches fish, from pan-sized trout to huge stripers. While primarily a casting spoon, it is very effective when jigs and trolled as well. Details Acme Kastmasters feature a balance that produces wild lure action without line twist. 5PK. It has a unique shape that is different from other spoons. 1/8 oz. Whether you are fishing a Kastmaster for trout on rivers or lakes it's distinctive wobble can force a strike on those days when everything else fails. Tell us what you think. 3/8 oz. Fishing Kastmaster style spoons for bass in San Diego 0. The shape of the spoon along with the design will determine how it works in the water. Fishing a Kastmaster spoon for trout near the surface on a small river can force trout into striking a little bit more. The Kastmaster DT is double cut on the both the front on the back to give it a skinnier more slender profile. This not only provides the visual appeal of a struggle bait fish, but it now add some extra acoustics to sweeten the deal! Because of its aerodynamic design, it's the master distance caster, and catches fish from pan-sized trout to bragging-size stripers - in fresh and salt water. acme Kastmaster Spoon Fishing Lure - Balanced and Aerodynamic for Huge Distance Casts and Wild Action Without Line Twist. The speed at which you retrieve the Kastmaster for trout is very important. Make Offer. $6.99. It has a very simple shape but the thickness of the body is what differentiates it from lighter more slender spoons. Spoons are great lures which have a nice wobble back and forth. When retrieving you need to vary the speed at which it will swim. 1/4oz, Size … ACME Flash King Spoon 3/8 oz BT Brown Trout NEW NOS. 2. When fishing on a lake with a Kastmaster you can really get some distance from the shore. Check out my! Hightower's New Kastmaster style lures 5 colors!-5 lures. Comments: I have 6 or 7 kastmasters in different colors and sizes. While they don’t have the same range of colors and sizes as the original, there’s still … SAVE UP TO $50 ON YOUR ONLINE ORDER TODAY! For trout stick with the 1 inch or 1.5 inch sizes. There needs to be a balance struck between how fast you are trolling with a kastmaster and how deep you can go without weight added or the use of a down-rigger.​, If you plan on targeting some big lake trout down deep then I would suggest the use of a down-rigger over adding weight to your line.